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Axic IsoLok 5000
Multichamber PECVD/Etch System

The IsoLok 5000 provides an attractive capability for depositing films on photovoltaic cells, providing
precise performance. Up to 4 different films can be deposited without breaking vacuum.

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Axic IsoLok® ICP Plasma System

Axic BenchMark 800-III® ICP ETCH and DEPOSITION

An affordable plasma tool that can be used in research, process development or low volume production for precise etching and deposition on substrates up to 8" in diameter and can also accommodate pieces of wafer.

The system is based on a modular design starting with a universal chamber and cabinet unit with ICP etch and deposition bottom electrodes available for easy installation into the chamber unit.

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Axic Benchmark 800-II® ICP ETCH and DEPOSITION

Axic PlasmaSTAR®

Axic Multimode® HF-8