Applications - Thin Film Metrology

  • Metal Composition
  • Metal Thickness
  • Refractive Index

AXIC x-ray fluorescence (XRF) systems incorporate both energy dispersive (EDX) and wavelength (WDX) in a single system for high resolution measurement of metal film and film stacks thickness and composition.  AXIC technology permits precise, reliable, and virtually maintenance free performance through elimination of vacuum.

AXIC technology encompasses laser based ellipsometry systems for thickness and refractive index measurement of transparent films and film stacks.

Application Notes:

P in PSG and BPSG - PDF 1,012 KB
Composition Thickness Metal Films - PDF 3,590 KB
Composition Thickness with XRF - PDF 1,893 KB
XRF for Magnetic Films - PDF 1,118 KB
XRF Multilayer Film Thickness - PDF 662 KB
XRF for Process Control - PDF 956 KB