Applications - Etch

  • Isotropic Etch
  • Anisotropic Etch
  • Metals Etch
  • Deep Silicon Etch

AXIC offers a wide variety of system platforms for your etch applications.  Conventional parallel plate RIE, barrel electrodes, and ICP systems are offered.

Isotropic etch profiles can be achieved to create sloped-wall features, photoresist stripping, surface modification, and cleaning applications. 

Vertical profiled etch features are achieved using RIE and ICP.  ICP systems offer added degrees of freedom in process design and control though independent substrate power and cryogenic cooling.  In this way high aspect ratio silicon is reliably etched.

Metals etch systems incorporate a vacuum load lock to ensure a moisture free environment and corrosion free processing.

Application Notes:

Overview of Dry Process - PDF 722 KB
Photoresist Stripping - PDF 1,428 KB
Characteristics of Dry Etching - PDF 779 KB