Axic Precision P-1000

A Production Line Thin Film Composition and Thickness Monitor

The Precision P-1000 readily analyzes compound thin films utilized in semiconductor, superconductor, magnetic and applications.

This fully automatic system provides rapid composition and thickness analysis of films in the production environment. In process development, the Precision P-1000 is utilized to characterize the effect of variables on the film deposition process. Once the process is defined, the Precision P-1000 is utilized as a quality control monitor to insure the composition and thickness of the production films.

  • Au, Ta, Cu
  • P in PSG/BPSG
  • Si and Cu in Aluminum
  • W in WSix
  • Ti in TiW,TiN
  • Mo in MoSi
  • Ti-Ni-Ag -- film stack
  • Cr-Ni-Au -- film stack
  • Ti-Ag-Au -- film stack
  • Cu, Ba and Y in Superconducting Films
  • Co, Ni and Fe in Magnetic Films
  • CoCr, CoPt, CoTa Magnetic Films
  • Many others! Ask for your application

System Description

The Precision P-1000 XRF-WDS/EDS System utilizes a helium environment spectrometer, thus eliminating the vacuum requirement and greatly improving system reliability. Most analyses are performed using the wavelength dispersive spectrometer (WDS), giving high precision measurements. For some applications, the energy dispersive (EDS) spectrometer is used simultaneously with WDS to optimize analysis time e.g. thick silver films (20,OOOÅ - 30,OOOÅ) on Ti-Ni. Features include

  • Liquid Cooled - Rhodium (or Tungsten) Target X-Ray Tube with Recirculator
  • 30 kV - 20 mA Fully Regulated Feedback Controlled X-Ray Power Supply
  • Helium Environment Spectrometer with Low Delta Pressure, allowing the use of a Large Detector Window for Analysis
  • Wafer Remains In Air
  • Simultaneous XRF-WDS/EDS Analysis
  • Proportional Counter Detectors Provide High Sensitivity and Do Not Require LN2
  • Pentium PC-Based System for System Control, Analysis, and Data Display
  • Computerized detector, amplifier and discriminator electronics for optimum analysis
  • Accepts Wafers to 8 inches in diameter (12 inch optional)
  • Fast Analysis
  • Compact System
  • Internal Reference Calibration
  • No Preventive Maintenance Required
  • Excellent Energy Resolution (15eV) - Total separation of P from Si in PSG/BPSG
  • Simple Operation
  • Complete System Under Computer Control
  • Fast A to D Converter

The Precision 1000-B® system is employed for the precise rapid measurement of thin films for composition and thickness non-destructively. The system is compact in design, easily operated, and convenient in operation. The unit is composed of the following:

X-Ray Spectrometer

Two spectrometers are provided. The first is a WDX unit capable of being operated with two crystals (standard PET and LiF - others are available). Primary and secondary collimators are employed to properly collimate the X-ray beam from the sample to the X-ray detector. A sealed Xe proportional counter is utilized. The spectrometer is varied in angle to conform to the Bragg equation for desired wavelengths. The spectrometer is fully automated selecting the appropriate crystal for the desired analysis and also selecting the predefined Bragg angle for the specific analysis.The second spectrometer is of the EDX design and employs a single collimator with a PIN Diode DetectorOther combinations are available with one or more fixed WDS channels for the ultimate in speed and reproducibility.

Spectrometer Chamber

The He purged spectrometer is manufactured from steel and is nickel plated. The unit is fully shielded against all X-rays. The chamber provides for egress and ingress of the X-ray beam through a thin film shuttered window.

X-Ray Power Supply - 30kV - 20 mA

Solid state, fully stabilized. Provides electron beam current measurement/feedback for stable X-ray flux. This supply is fully computer controlled with automatic menu set up.

X-RayTube - 30kV - 20 mA

Rhodium Target-Beryllium side mounted window (other targets are available). The tube is liquid cooled. A recirculator is provided for cooling the tube.

Signal Conditioner

An analog to digital converter is employed with a preamp and amplifier. Two data channels are processed simultaneously. This unit also includes the high voltage driver for the X-ray detectors. This unit is fully computer controlled and is set tip automatically from the menu.


A Pentium Computer is employed for data entry and data logging. This unit is equipped with a hard drive, 8 meg DRAM, inkjet printer and a clock-calendar. Complete operating software utilizing multiple display windows for equipment setup, status, data reporting, SPC, etc. is provided. The software allows the entry of sample I.D. and process I.D; all analysis data is reported on the screen and stored to disk for in-situ analysis and statistical process control including standard deviation, max., min., and range. A GEM/SECS II package is available for connection to, and control by a host computer.

Automated Sample Stage

This allows the sequential measurement of up to 25 points on a wafer and up to 18 pre-programmed maps can be stored and automatically recalled. Other programs can be entered at will. The stage opens and closes automatically. Mapping data is reported to screen and printer. The stage employs pneumatic operation for long term reliability.


Width 20" x Depth 30" x Height 72"


Power 15Amps - 11OVolts - 50/60Hz
7.5 Amps - 220 Volts - 50/60 Hz
Customer Selected
Gas Helium - 99.95% Pressure Reduced
Air 20-40 psi (stage operation)

Sample Holder

One supplied, customer selects: 2", 3", 4", 5", 6" or 8" diameter (12" optional) special sample holders available on request.

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