Axic IsoLok 5000
Multichamber PECVD/Etch System

The IsoLok 5000 provides an attractive capability for depositing films on photovoltaic cells, providing precise performance. Up to 4 different films can be deposited without breaking vacuum.

•   Load locked cluster tool
•   Cassette to cassette processing
•   Up to 4 coatings can be deposited without breaking vacuum
•   Substrate sizes: 125 x 125mm,156 x 156mm and
    200mm dia. (smaller sizes can be processed
    using a carrier)
•   Typical coatings: SiOx & SiNx - doped & undoped & a- Si
•   R&D, Pilot production and production capabilities
•   RIE chambers available
•   Full computer control
•   Process chamber is modular and interfaced with 200mm slot valve

The system includes a central control module that houses the robot chamber. The cluster module consists of the central chamber, wafer handling robot, 4 ports for process chambers, each with gate value access. The central chamber has a vacuum port and vacuum gauges.

Up to 4 PECVD or RIE process chambers can be installed on the central control module. These are insolated with wide angle gate valves. These PEVCD or etch process chambers are application specific and self contained with vacuum pumps, gas controls, heating/cooling, pressure controls, gas “shower heads” and other sub-systems for the specific process to be performed.

The cassette to cassette modules are used for wafer introduction and removal from the system. The modules operate in a vacuum environment and are isolated from the system control module with gate valves. Up to 2 cassette modules can be provided on a system.

The systems are designed for deposition and/or etch of thin films on solar cell wafers. Single or multi-layers are readily processed, and a pre-etch can be provided.

Up to 12 wafers can be loaded into the transfer cassette and placed in the cassette transfer module. Wafers are moved by the robot into the process module for the specific process, deposition or etch. Upon deposition/etch completion, the wafers are then moved to another chamber for additional processing or returned to the cassette load/unload module.


The PV5000 includes up to 4 process chambers, 1 wafer transfer chamber and 1 load/unload station.

The wafer transfer chamber is manufactured from aluminum and contains ports (200mm) for 4 process chambers and cassette wafer load/unload station. An articulated-multilink robot is provided for wafer movement from cassette to the wafer handling system, and then to the process chamber and return.




One cassette transfer station is provided. The station is manufactured from aluminum. 1 metal cassette is loadedin the station and it is evacuated for the transfer to the wafer transfer chamber.


The process chamber is modular and is attached by a 200mm gate valve to the wafer transfer module. The chamber is manufactured from aluminum and includes heated/cooled stage, temperature controlled with a specific process kit. Individual vacuum, pressure, gas controls are provided for each chamber. Parallel plate electrodes are utilized. The top electrode has “shower head” for uniform gas introduction.

Each individual process chamber has a separate 13.56MHz, 1200w RF power supply. Each chamber has a close coupled RF matching network.

Depending on the processes, various vacuum pumps are provided. These range from mechanical, dry, turbo and/ or blower packages depending on the requirement. Each
chamber has its own separate pumping setup, and the wafer transfer chamber uses a separate pumping system.

The system is provided with a modern control system using dedicated recipes in a drop down format. The recipes provide multisteps and controlled through the entire
process sequence. Performed processes are stored. The operating system provides complete process control.